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Speaker Interview with Marco Macoratti

60 seconds with the Head of Sustainable Business Solutions at Mondi AG

You will deliver a presentation focusing on “Closing the loop with Retailers on Packaging Waste - A case study of Circularity with Tesco” Please could you please give us a quick overview of what you will be sharing with our audience?

Mondi and Tesco have achieved a circular economy by directing the recovered paper from the stores to a specifically designed Paper Machine for producing EcoVantage grade – a paper grade of fresh and recycled fibres to be converted in a robust shopper bag for multiple use. This delivers economic value for all partners in the loop, creates zero waste at Tesco’s stores, and increased sales by promoting the initiative and durability of the EcoVantage shopper bag.

What are some of the biggest challenges that the specialty papers industry is currently facing? What are some of the biggest opportunities?

Under rising consumer demand and sustainability focus, Retailer and Brands are demanding for more circular driven paper-based packaging material, putting the supply chain for raw material under pressure. To manage the raw material challenge and secure supply to market, Mondi invested in a paper-making technology to balance and optimize the paper portfolio between fresh and recycled fibres. An innovative paper machine that combines fresh and recycled fibre for superior strength and optimum surface appearance. This is the latest technological advancement in the industry, specifically designed for the end-use in shopper and e-commerce mailer bags, supporting the customer experience, as well as the sustainability goals.

Why is sustainability so important to this industry and its future?

The role of the industry and the players in the supply chain has fundamentally changed from being transactional to collaborative. Businesses have a key role in creating a virtuous operating model working towards net zero emission and zero waste, and this unlocks a new opportunities in the form of partnerships, product innovation, and technology advancement.

Why do you think people should attend Specialty Papers Europe 2021?

Visitors will be able to experience the new collaborative models recently developed between Retailers and Brands where they make optimum use of recovered paper delivering economic, environmental, and customer experience benefits. Together we can identify the opportunities for simplification and optimization in the supply chain, when managing the current recovered paper with an integrated player. In a circular model, emissions are measured and reduced. Furthermore, by certifying the chain of custody of resource among the players in the loop a reliable claim of zero waste and commitment in reducing emissions can be made to market. This is an existing development in the market that will be of value to the visitors of the conference.