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The 2023 agenda will be coming soon, but in the meantime - take a look at what was presented and discussed at last year's event below...
Registration and welcome refreshments
Chair's opening remarks
Session 1: Market overview and trends
Sustainability and social performance in the specialty paper industry: a practical perspective on current trends and future opportunities
Recent trends and capacity developments in specialty grades
  • Capacity developments in specialty grades in recent years and announced capacity changes
  • Dilemma of investing in specialty grades - high investment cost for small capacity
  • Plastic substitution - is there a danger of turning of the tide from fibre-based packaging back to plastics

Pirita Huotari | Senior Consultant, Strategy , Fisher International, Inc.
The approach of a brand owner towards sustainability in packaging, also passing through the use of specialty papers
  • Barilla sustainable packaging strategy
  • The role of paper and board
  • 2030 goals and how to reach

Giacomo Canali | Packaging Research Senior Science Manager, Barilla G. e R. Fratelli S.p.A.
Networking refreshment break
Packaging recyclability: Latest legislative proposals, the paper industry views and 4evergreen guidelines
  • This year the European Commission proposes legislation on the eco-design of sustainable products and a revision to the packaging and packaging waste directive
  • Short overview of the main elements with relevance for the European paper industry as well as Cepi’s views on them
  • The fibre-based packaging value chain has joined forces in 4evergreen to further increase the circularity of fibre-based packaging
  • 4evergreen will present its circularity by design guideline for fibre-based packaging and further guidelines for the industry to support progress towards this goal

Ulrich Leberle | Raw Materials Director, Cepi
Kiril Dimitrov | Packaging Expert, Nestlé, 4evergreen WS 2 Co-Lead
Session 2: Sustainability in fibre based materials
Stronger lightweight technical paper and next gen fibers in combination with good recycled materials
New trends in fiber-based packaging and how to develop a market-oriented sustainable packaging solution
Developing fiber-based packaging solutions to achieve circularity means starting from the end of life-scenario in your sales markets. Especially for paper, a highly requested alternative to plastic packaging, not every solution is as sustainable as it seems. We will highlight facts and outlooks about paper recycling, new agricultural residues as a fibre resource, barrier packaging concepts for chocolate and biscuits, active microwave packaging made of fibre material, barriers for 3D fibre packaging, how to replace plastics for electronics and how to develop holistic concepts for worldwide markets. What are the packaging trends of the coming years and how fibre-based packaging can benefit from these trends.
Peter Désilets | Managing Director, Pacoon Sustainability Concepts GmbH
An innovative step as part of our ‘design for recycling’ roadmap
Networking lunch
Panel discussion: The future of fibre-based products
Panel moderator:

Alexey Vishtal | Head of Novel Packaging Development, MM Group

  • Annica Eldh, Innovation and R&D, H&M Group
  • Davide Braghiroli, Product Director Packaging Materials, Alternative Barriers, Tetra Pak
  • Vincent Mooij, Director of CIRCPACK, Veolia
  • Melinda Bonamour, Sales Manager Flexible Packaging Paper, Koehler Paper SE (tentative)
  • Vinay Kumar, Senior Scientist, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland (tentative)
New ways for paper in packaging
  • Functional Papers for Packaging
  • Characteristics
  • How to choose the specification? – advice for converters and end-users
  • Real Life Examples

Melinda Bonamour | Sales Manager Flexible Packaging Paper, Koehler Paper SE
Networking refreshment break
Naturcell the best alternative to reduce the environmental footprint of your paper
Session 3: New developments in specialty paper
Functional paper - challenges and opportunities
  • Challenges of paper (barrier properties) for a converter 
  • Tailor made functional paper for end user application
  • Product impact assessment

Dirk Kaczmarek | Technical Account Development Lead for Consumer Flexibles, Mondi
Novel technology for production of barrier films from high consistency micro fibrillated cellulose
  • Homogeneous and strong standalone film with excellent gas, grease, and mineral oil barrier 
  • Robust one-step forming process able to handle ultra-high viscosity
  • Fast shrinkage-free drying with a precise basis weight control
  • Prospect of a high-speed operation

Vinay Kumar | Senior Scientist, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Chair's closing remarks and end of day one
Networking drinks reception
Registration and welcome refreshments
Chair's opening remarks
Session 3 (continued) - New developments in specialty paper
Sylvicta, a translucent high barrier material to replace single-used plastic
Substitution of plastic by paper cannot be the only answer to solve the plastic pollution issue, but it certainly can play a role. As a historic papermaker, Arjowiggins has worked hard to engineer a paper that could offer similar properties than plastic and be fully composed of cellulose fibers. Sylvicta has been launched on the market in October 2019 with the following characteristic: it is translucent (like a tracing paper), offers a very high barrier to oxygen (better than any plastic in the world!), to aroma, to mineral oils (MOSH/MOAH) and to grease (KIT 12). And of course, it is fully recyclable in the paper stream, compostable and biodegradable, it contains zero plastic and is PFAS free. The revolution has started!
Christophe Jordan | Managing Director – Translucent Papers, Arjowiggins
Eco-friendly paper made with sugar beet pulp: crown native
Life cycle analysis, environmental footprint calculation, alternative paper fibres, circularity and food safe packaging
Jan Rops | Product Manager Inkjet, Crown Van Gelder B.V.
Paper for power technologies meet challenges of green energy transition
  • Novel material solutions for electrochemical applications
  • Cost effective process solutions by industrial scalable developments
  • Potential game changer for gigawatt roll out of hydrogen technology materials
  • Biobased modification of natural fibres to high performance materials

Michael Rentzsch | Head of Functional Materials, Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS)
Session 4: Barrier coating innovation and barrier developments
Functional barrier paper for packaging
  • High Barrier Paper concept 
  • Challenges and Solutions 
               - Barrier
               - Recyclability
               - Machinability
Jenni Jukarainen | Paper Packaging Specialist, Nestlé
Networking refreshment break
New perspectives - unique metallized high barrier and recyclable papers for flexible packaging
Clémentine Boehrer | New Business Development Manager, Nissha Metallizing Solutions
Claude Granel | Global Market Manager Seal & Reseal, Advanced Packaging Global Business Unit, Bostik SA
Barrier paper for electronic application
  • Requirements on barrier and hurdles
  • Vacuum coating of paper
  • Pre-conditions for vacuum coating on paper
  • Improvement of barrier properties

Dr. Klaus Noller | Chief Scientist, Fraunhofer Institute
Fluorine-free silicone/organic hybrid emulsions for improved grease resistant food release paper
  • Surface treated bakery paper for food release in packaging applications
  • Performance comparison between silicone emulsion, PFAs and Chromate-treated papers
  • Initial investigation in combining Si emulsion and Organic thickeners e.g. starch or HEC
  • Process conditions and barrier performance of Si/EVOH emulsion hybrid coatings

Pierre Chevalier | R&D Fellow, Dow Chemical
Pre-metered size press, PMSP combined with direct coating an alternative for barrier applications?
  • A premetered size press technology is not a good concept for barrier application due to the film-split development.
  • Direct coating on top of the filmsplit pattern improves the situation and gives a much better performance.
  • The combination of PMSP and (direct coating) INVO Coater is compared with INVO Coater + INVO coater, which is a concept, known to give excellent barrier properties.
  • The result from application of PVOH (a good reference barrier product) in three different total coat weight levels: 1,1 gsm, 2,2 gsm and 3,3 gsm, are presented

Per Emilsson | Vice President Customer Solutions, UMV Coating Systems AB
Networking lunch
Role of nanocellulose in functionality and recyclability of coated packaging papers
Session 5 – Food safety, regulatory and new laws
FDA regulatory updates on food contact substances related to paper food packaging
  • Brief overview of the FDA food contact regulatory mechanisms
  • Overview of Food Contact Substances used in paper and paperboard food contact applications
  • Regulatory updates impacting the paper food packaging industry

Sharon Koh-Fallet | Lead Regulatory Review Scientist, U.S. Food and Drug Administration
In-vitro bioassay-based characterisation of genotoxic and endocrine effects in paper food contact materials
  • Challenges of NIAS risk assessment of food contact materials
  • In-vitro bioassay-based assessment of NIAS
  • Bioassays to detect genotoxic and endocrine effects
  • Results and conclusions from the analysis of paper food contact material migrates

Elisa Mayrhofer | Scientist and Project Coordinator, Austrian Research Institute for Chemistry & Technology
Chair’s closing remarks
End of conference
End of conference