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Interview with JK Paper

Hi Tamal, its great to have you joining the Specialty Papers Asia 2024. Could you please share a bit more about your upcoming presentation “The Challenges and Opportunities of Sustainable Functional Paper Packaging” with us?

Sustainability is the greatest challenge as on date . Our reliance on fossil fuels and single-use plastics has had a negative impact, and now is the time to take visible  action. Although People in developed Country have responded by applying pressure on governments and industry, and we’re now starting to see unprecedented changes , but  there  is  huge resistance to switch over to sustainability  in case of developing country  may be due to awareness issue .
When it comes to packaging, the opportunities are clear. Sustainable packaging – if it’s high-quality and supported by the right infrastructure – will significantly reduce the negative impact of consumer products on the environment. This is the primary aim of using reusable, recyclable, or biodegradable/compostable  materials. At the same time, there are huge challenges involved in making this switch. 
Sustainable packaging offers several benefits to brands, including increasing their chances of success in a sustainably focused climate, reducing environmental impact, and attracting eco-conscious consumers. The scope  is   unlimited  as 
  • The Paper Packaging Sustainable Barrier Coating industry is experiencing significant growth globally, driven by various factors such as technological advancements, increasing demand, and regulatory support Many companies have stepped forward to lead the “sustainability packaging resolutions”
  • Market drivers: Environmental sustainability concerns and the need to reduce carbon emissions are driving the uptake of eco-friendly and renewable Paper Packaging Sustainable Barrier Coating solutions.
  • Technological innovations play a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of Paper Packaging Sustainable Barrier Coating products and services, leading to market expansion.
But all industry stakeholders, us included, must acknowledge the challenges of sustainable packaging in order to meet them head-on – and in order to overcome them. These challenges may complicate the move towards eco-friendly packaging, but they won’t stop the collective sustainability mission. 

Why did you choose to tackle this topic?

I think  we   like  Industry leaders , Brand Owners , Converters , Raw material mfr.   have  huge responsibility  to  lead  the show  as to where  we can  collaborate &  come out  technological as  well as  commercial viable solution
  to   propose  to  Govt.  & hence  this  discussion  is the need of hour

What’s the challenges and opportunity you believe in Specialty Papers industry in Asia?

Challenge 1: Meeting Consumer Expectations & Current Standards
Challenge 2: Optimising Material Performance to Protect Goods
Challenge 3: The Costs of Sustainable Packaging ( specially in case of Asia )
Challenge 4: The Product (and Packaging) Lifecycle is Crucially Important
Challenge 5: Infrastructure Development for Public Authorities like  developing  Industrial as  well as  Home compostable facility in the country  with awareness
The packaging industry, and the sectors that it supports, have a huge opportunity to reduce the impact of their work on the environment. The benefits  as  shared above

What are you most looking forward at this year’s Conference?

Looking  for  multiple solutions  about   sustainable barrier coated  speciality Paper  packaging    for  flexible packaging  category   where   the most challenges  are  there  like  high barrier coating solution  with high strength paper  to run on high speed packaging machine  where  multilayer plastic packaging  leading as of now .