Session 1:Market Overview and Trends Analysis
A View from Europe: Latest Trends and Innovations in Specialty Paper for Packaging Applications
The Current Recycling Trend in Asia Packaging Market
  • Sustainability and social performance in the specialty paper industry
  • Overview of the main trends and perspective on recycling
Tea Break and Networking
Driving Sustainability Performance Across the Life Cycle of Our Products(TBC)
  •  Sustainability performance during the supply chain
  •  Recyclable, compostable or bio-based to enhance end-of-life processes

Somnath Ray | Principal, AFRY Management Consulting
Session 2:New Development of Fibre-based Materials
PepsiCo Foods Journey of Sustainable Packaging with Fiber based Materials
Preparation of Nanocellulose and Its Application in Specialty Papers (TBC)
Gang CHEN, PhD.,Professor, State Key Laboratory of Pulp and Paper Engineering & SCUT
Lunch Break and Networking
Panel: Untapping the Plastic Substitution Potential with Fiber-based Packaging
Experts from brands and converters and paper manufactures
Session 3:New research on specialty paper application
High Barrier Paper Packaging for Long Shelf-Life Food Packaging
Tea Break and Networking
Use of Hydrophobically Modified Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH) to Improve Key Properties of Barrier Paper
Speaker from Kuraray
Functional Barrier Paper and the Move to Sustainable Paper-based Packaging
What If Papers Got Stretchable? A Sustainable Alternative to Plastics and A Huge Opportunity For A Huge Market as Asia
End of Day One
Session 3:New research on specialty paper application
Mudit Lawania, Sr Procurement Manager, Unilever (Tentative)
Session 4:Regulations and ESG, Sustainability
The Latest Environmental and Food Compliance Regulations for Sustainable Paper Production in APAC
  • General safety requirements
  • Overview of Food Contact Substances used in paper and paperboard food contact applications
  • Regulatory updates impacting the paper food packaging industry
Tea Break and Networking
How ESG will Shape the Industry and How to Tackle the Climate Action
  • ESG driving sustainability plan through the supply chain and ESG score
  • Trends on ESG disclosure in Pulp and Paper industry

Heidi Su | Head of Sustainability Asia, Suzano Asia
Session 5:Trends and challenges in the development of bio-based barrier coating
Biodegradable Aqueous Barrier Coating for Paper and Board Packaging
  • The advantages of Biodegradable coating as an alternative for polyethylene in barrier boards
  • Biodegradable barrier coating on paperboard: Effects on biodegradation, recycling and incineration
Optimization of Coating with Water Based Barriers
Role of Bio-based Feedstock in Paper Coatings: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Selection of bio-based resources as potential binders (PLA, PHB, bio-epoxy, bio-acrylates, and others … )
  • Evaluating processing conditions of bio-based paper coatings
  • Enhancing performance of bio-based coatings through screening of bio-based additives
  • Bio-based binders versus sustainability and recyclability

Dr. ir. Pieter Samyn | Senior Research Engineer, Sirris
Lunch Break and Networking
Session 6:Dilemma and Opportunity of Specialty Paper Supply Chain
Panel Discussion: Forestry, Pulp & Paper— Our Challenges and Opportunities Towards Green Future
Experts from Brands and Converters and Paper Manufactures
Case Study: Will Pulping Facilities Solve the Critical Supply-Chain Challenge in Asia
  • Suitable facilities for different factories and possibility to advert for other products
  • New technology and chemical recovery
  • Low carbon solutions during the process
How to Bring Innovation into Pulp & Paper Industry
  • Innovation in production methods and products
  • Internal Control System
End of Day Two