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Session 1:Market Overview and Trends Analysis
A View from Europe: Latest Trends and Innovations in Specialty Paper for Packaging Applications
Australia’s National Packaging Targets and what they mean for Asian factories/suppliers and packaging manufactures
Tea Break and Networking
Plastic Substitution and Specialty Paper
Countries across Asia-pacific have taken a strong stand on plastic, which has triggered new opportunities and challenges for specialty paper. Many questions are on top of mind across the entire supply chain, some of which can be addressed in our presentation.
Somnath Ray | Principal Consultant, AFRY Management Consulting
Session 2:New Development of Fibre-based Materials
Developing recyclable Paper packaging alternatives to conventional Plastic packaging for PepsiCo Foods divisions
Non-Wood Pulps in Paper Production and Fibre Moulding
The use of fibers from non-wood biomass has a long tradition in the paper industry. Due to fluctuating recovered paper prices and qualities, the development of a third raw material base in addition to wood and secondary fibers has again been the focus of research and development work since the beginning of the 2010s. The presentation will give an overview of this and show the raw material potential of different fiber types for paper production on the one hand and fiber moulding technology on the other hand by means of selected examples. In this context, not only the fiber source but also the mechanical, thermal and/or chemical pulping technology used is of particular importance in order to achieve the property profile of a target application.

Dr. Martin Zahel | Head of Business Division Fibres & Composites, Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS)
Lunch Break and Networking
Panel: Untapping the Plastic Substitution Potential with Fiber-based Packaging
             Rohit Ghosh, Commercial Head – PaperBoard, APRIL

             Robert Cotton, R&D Director Packaging Sustainable Materials, PepsiCo
             Somnath Ray, Principal Consultant, AFRY
             Yevgen Zolotkovski, Sales Director for Flexible Packaging papers, Koehler Paper

Kalle Taari | Head of Product Portfolio Management for Flexible Packaging, Mondi Group
Session 3:New research on specialty paper application for a sustainable future
High Barrier Paper Packaging for Long Shelf-Life Food Packaging
Tea Break and Networking
Use of Hydrophobically Modified Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH) to Improve Key Properties of Barrier Paper
The goal of this paper is to summarize on-going studies in producing new and improved plastic  barrier materials with special and unique products. One of the products used in the paper-based package materials is polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) resin. PVOH is a well-known water-soluble and biodegradable polymer widely used in the paper coating industry.  Its exceptional film foamability can give barrier property for gas, flavor, oil, and solvent resistance to paper.  The studies presented in the paper will clearly demonstrate that hydrophobically modified PVOH (I) exhibits better film forming performance, higher water resistance, wider food contact regulatory approval compared with the standard PVOH.
Keisuke Morikawa | Manager of Poval Research & Development Department, Kuraray
Functional Barrier Paper and the Move to Sustainable Paper-based Packaging
  • Mondi, a global leader in packaging and paper, is committed to sustainability through our Mondi Action Plan 2030 and is investing in innovative technologies and increasing capacity to meet the growing demand for sustainable paper-based packaging solutions.
  • Mondi's range of FunctionalBarrier Paper offers tailored barrier properties that reduce the amount of plastic used in packaging and support the development of a circular economy.
  • They offer many custom-made barrier levels, from low to very high, that protect against moisture, grease, oxygen and other factors, depending on the product and it’s needs.
  • The paper-based solutions can be used in various applications such as frozen and dry food, confectionary, coffee, ice-cream and many more.            

Dirk Kaczmarek | Technical Account Development Lead for Consumer Flexibles, Mondi
What If Papers Got Stretchable? A Sustainable Alternative to Plastics and A Huge Opportunity For A Huge Market as Asia
The innovative paper technology Papermorphosis® can impart tailor-made stretch properties to papers and make them at the same time more resisting before breaking under tear as also TEA values are dramatically increasing. The process can be retrofitted into existing paper machines, but it can be installed also as a stand-alone unit offline the paper process, even in house converting facilities. Many toady’s plastics packagings can be replaced by even short fiber based paper and recycling grades. Stretchable papers can be a sustainable base layer for sustainable coatings and additives. Applications range from high volumes as strong bags for retailers, wrapping pallets or, to 3D products. This technology has been exclusively licensed by a multinational US paper group for USA, Canada and Mexico.
Marion Sterner | Head of R&D, Gruppo X di X Gruppo srl
End of Day One
Session 3:New research on specialty paper application for a sustainable future
The Potential of Paper to Replace Plastics
Flexible packaging world is on a revolutionary road to recyclable monomaterial packaging. One of the favourite materials is paper, since it is combining renewable resources with existing efficient recycling system. But how can paper raplace plastics or multilayer materials and still remain recyclable? In this speech, I would like to show innovative opportunities how brand owner and converter can transit from non-recyclable materials to monomaterial paper which is recyclable in curbside recycling stream, while providing necessary barrier properties and heat-sealability. Besides, such paper is designed for form-fill-seal packaging lines. This presentation will also indicate how CO2 emissions can be reduced when using paper instead of plastic, and show already existing examples from food and non-food markets.
Yevgen Zolotkovski | Sales Director for Flexible Packaging Papers , Koehler Paper
Nanocellulose: A New Paradigm for Electronic Materials
Session 4:Trends and challenges in the development of bio-based barrier coating
Biobased and compostable poly Butylene Succinate (PBS)/SolusTM 7100 for extrusion paper coating
  • Fundamental studies to understand the structure-processing-property correlations related to extrusion paper coating.
  • A new solution based on PBS/SolusTM 7100 for faster line speed with existing LDPE extrusion lines
  • PBS/SolusTM 7100 significantly improve paper adhesion and reduce coating thickness.  
  • Compostable and recyclable

Bob Hu | Senior Application Research Scientist, Eastman
Optimization of Coating with Water Based Barriers
Sustainable paper and board barrier products are needed to create a strong alternative to the use of the conventional packaging solutions containing plastics, perfluorocarbon and wax. The fiber-based products are normally a more expensive alternative then the conventional packaging solutions containing plastics, perfluorocarbon and wax. Therefore, to make the fiber-based products competitive price-wise, it’s important to keep the production costs as low as possible. This means the best achievable performance with lowest coat weight possible. The presentation will highlight this meaning; the way of application and metering with barrier coating and how it’s affecting the performance of the end products.
Magnus Nilsson | Sales Director, UMV Coating Systems AB
Role of Bio-based Feedstock in Paper Coatings: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Selection of bio-based resources as potential binders (PLA, PHB, bio-epoxy, bio-acrylates, and others … )
  • Evaluating processing conditions of bio-based paper coatings
  • Enhancing performance of bio-based coatings through screening of bio-based additives
  • Bio-based binders versus sustainability and recyclability

Dr. ir. Pieter Samyn | Senior Research Engineer, Sirris
Lunch Break and Networking
Session 5: ESG and Sustainability
How ESG will Shape the Industry and How to Tackle the Climate Action
  • ESG driving sustainability plan through the supply chain and ESG score
  • Trends on ESG disclosure in Pulp and Paper industry

Heidi Su | Head of Sustainability Asia, Suzano Asia
Panel Discussion: Forestry, Pulp & Paper— Our Challenges and Opportunities Towards Green Future
Fabian LOSKE, Senior Consultant, Sphera
Heidi Yujie Su, Head of Sustainability Asia, Suzano
Magnus Nilsson, Sales Director, UMV Coating Systems AB
Omkar Chandorkar, Product Innovation Specialist, Paper Excellence
Devendra Gupta | Global Value Chains and Circular Economy Lead, FSC
Advancing Sustainable Paper Production: Consumer Confidence and FSC Certification
The presentation will highlight the FSC's role in ensuring responsible forest management while addressing consumer concerns.  Our focus is to showcase viable future-proof solutions in the sector juxtaposed against developing policy contexts. The presentation will also position sustainability of paper products from the lens of what makes most sense to consumers - especially across the APAC regional context while also highlighting the FSC's certification process and criteria and emphasizing the benefits of sourcing paper from FSC-certified forests.
Cindy Cheng | Regional Director, FSC Asia-Pacific
End of Day Two