A holistic approach to product stewardship in specialty paper & packaging online workshop
Workshop Introduction
Today’s specialty paper and packaging industry is at a time of dynamic change. Largely driven by the single use plastic directive, European green deal and other environmental issues phrases such as “sustainable”, “carbon neutral”,  “plastic free” and “plant based” are now embedded in the industries present and future objectives.

This workshop will explore the opportunities that are being created in sectors such as barrier packaging and plastic-replacement products. What are the challenges in the market today? How best to deliver carbon neutral targets? How to deliver sustainable products and overcome challenges? What are the solutions for reducing packaging waste and food waste? What are the sustainable alternatives to flexible packaging?
Dr George Kellie | Director, Kellie Solutions Ltd.
Paper & Fiber based solutions - championing a new order
  • The post pandemic world and impact on society and packaging
  • What is the new order about ?  Drivers, Regulations, Industry , Consumers and more
  • The plastic substitution jigsaw  puzzle
  • Emerging opportunities around paper, fibres and coatings - new substrates , renewable sources , recyclability
  • Remodelling our business and our approach

Sekh Venkataraman | Executive Vice President - Marketing & Commercial, ITC PSPD
Development of new generation sustainable solutions for Food2Go packaging
A short history and background of the food to go sector, the convenience, hygiene (especially now with Covid 19) the amount of people living in cities (which is increasing). The old traditional grease barriers, PFA's and paraffin waxes and their effects on health and the environment. The next generation of food2go packaging and its requirements to combine, sustainability, food safety and hygiene, recycling and if heavily contaminated with food, compostable to EN13432 industrial compostability. The next generation of food2go packaging needs to be developed to be fit for purpose and fit into the circular economy so the food waste issue can be reduced, and the packing components can be re-harvested and made back into new food contact packaging again if possible.
Alister Farmer | Research & Development Consultant, EcoPack Consulting
Engineering new generation paper straws..a small product, but a mighty challenge
  • History of the product and the shift to paper - no paper straw for nearly 50 years - no significant European production but an evolving brand preference for sustainability led by paper and evolving regulation
  • Creating specialty paper - working with industry leading mills to create the right paper for the straw
  • Receiving food approval - modifying the original formulation to get the mix right
  • Improving standards - joint industry effort between converters, paper mills, adhesive suppliers, and machine manufacturers to create a European Charter of Trust for Drinking Straws
  • Continuous innovation and improvement - new formats, paper innovations, production specs and technology evolution with paper leading the industry forward in multiple sustainable product categories

Lorenzo Angelucci | CEO, Transcend Packaging Ltd
Earth Packaging. Great solutions reducing both packaging waste and food waste
This presentation will detail the latest technology and the associated recent commercial products for the packaging market.
The ability of sophisticated plastic packaging to extend shelf life has created a global food market with considerable economic, social and humanitarian benefits. Non-plastic alternatives are unlikely to succeed unless they provide similar or additional benefits. Furthermore, plastic is cheap, light, easy to process, transparent, flexible and available with a wide range of physical and chemical properties. Non-plastic alternatives have a tough act to follow. Recent technical developments offer a family of solutions and a viable way forwards.
Rachel Mckenna | New Product Development Leader, Sirane Group
Sustainable barrier packaging for food – Metsä Board view of the roadmap
  • Regulatory pressure increases
  • Brand-owners & retailers are making strong sustainability commitments
  • Sustainable Packaging – what it is
  • MetsäBoard Prime FBB EB, a dispersion barrier board

Markku Leskelä | Vice President, Research and Product Development, METSÄ BOARD CORPORATION
Paptic's innovative Sustainable Alternatives to Plastic Flexible Packaging
  • Potential and justification of replacement of plastics with fiber based materials.
  • Comparison of biopolymer and fiber based alternatives to oil based plastics
  • Sustainability mission of Paptic
  • Examples of success stories where Paptic materials are replacing plastics

Tuomas Mustonen | CEO & Founder, Paptic Ltd
Development of compostable barrier flexible packaging - overcoming demanding challenges
All speaker panel session
Workshop conclusions and end of workshop